Pegasus One NoteTaker- digital pen for OneNote users


Digital pens are an alternative for taking digital notes in ink for those who do not have a Tablet PC. There are a number of pens to choose from but the Pegasus One NoteTaker is the only one I have seen that imports the notes directly into Microsoft OneNote. The Pegasus uses a scanner that tracks the pen on regular paper and translates the text and sketches taken on the page into digital notes for OneNote. The scanner connects to a PC via USB and the whole package is small and light. The One NoteTaker will work on any paper up to A4 size and the scanner resolution is 100 dpi. The Pegasus comes with software to bring the notes into OneNote on the PC which is localized in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

The Pegasus web site lists the One NoteTaker for just $59 so this might be an economic alternative for those interested in digital pen technology for taking notes.



I just bought one of these devices and I like the way it works. But, do you know how to make it sync with OneNote 2007? It seems to only know about 2003.


Janet Cizmar

I purchased One notetaker. I am getting a PNT Route error and the pen is not recognized. I have gotten no response from technical support. I would not recommend purchasing.

Tim Marman

Thanks for the heads up. I’m trying to get more specific details on how this works (and how well!), but if I can import notes from my Moleskine into my OneNote notebooks without adding a lot of overhead to the process, I am definitely going to pick this up.

(For the price, I may just give it a shot).

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