Path Finder 4


“Slow cooked to perfection,” doesn’t seem too far off. I bought Path Finder back in it’s version 2 days, but abandoned it after a short while – it just wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve only just begun my playing with Path Finder 4, but I’m pretty sold already. I’ll get a more well-rounded review out shortly (I hope), but in the meantime, check out 7 things Merlin likes about the latest version.



Not impressed. Sure, there’s some interesting functionality, but this is no true file manager. Where is the raw folder tree? In fact where is ANY folder tree? This single pane interface fixation on the Apple platform is really starting to annoy me.

Lee Bennett

While I am a big fan of Path Finder, I really wish they’d back off on the “slow cooked to perfection” slogan for the time being. There are a number of small bugs that, in my opinion, disqualify it as being perfect. Why is it that the authors of all these raving reviews have all missed the fact that the left-side slide-out pane doesn’t stay out if you close and re-open a navigation window, or that the Sort By setting always reverts from whatever you set to By Name each time the window is re-opened, or that the setting to not warn you when you empty the trash is gone (it was there in version 3)? There are other things I could list, but won’t for now.

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