Is The Read-Write Web On The Way To Becoming The Read-Only Web?

Larry Lessig fears that is the case, citing efforts to shut down re-creations and mix-ups like Anime Music Videos (AMVs, for short). AMV creators blend anime video, music, graphics and their own computer skills to produce often-witty, sometimes mesmerizing results. The glitch? Those results usually are based on copyrighted work by others, who aren’t always pleased by the re-use. Lessig cites the example of Wind Up Records, which sent a cease-and-desist demand to a popular site housing AMVs; he says the 3,000 affected AMVs made up about 5 percent of the site’s content.
Lessig: “The amateurs (in the original sense, meaning people who do it for love of the work and not for the money) who had been promoting artists such as Evanescence and Seether have presumably moved on to other art and other artists. … We are well on our way to perfecting the â

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