Buy This Gadget: iM7


iM7I love this thing. Seriously. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use it. It’s Altec Lansing’s iM7.

Whether you’re heading out to the beach or helping your wife out in the kitchen washing dishes, the iM7 has what you need to bump the jamz.

It’ll handle just about any make of the iPod and even has a RCA video out to run your video iPod to your television!

This is certainly a must have for sharing the iPod wealth with everybody withing listening distance. I will admit that the $250 price tag seems a tad steep, but at the same time, it’s a very solid piece of hardware that’s rugged and easy to use.

Check out all of the details here.


Altec Lansing IM600

This is the second time I visit your blog and find an interesting article perfectly matching what I was searching for so I decided to add your feed to my RSS Reader. Thanks for you work.


Well you chose wrong to pick the Bose. The Klipsch iGroove is very similar to the Bose, $20 cheaper, and sounds way better. For better sound still (but less portability) you can’t beat the Klipsch iFi.

For a portable stereo, the iM7 is the best thing so far.

(Bose is the laughing stock of speaker brands, just so you know)

Topher Gorton

I was thinking of purchasing this but opted for the 299.99 Bose instead, the Apple store clerk said that the Altec Lansing did not have as great of bass as the Bose. For what it is worth the Bose is excellent!

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