Three New Mac Apps


So the upside of the flu (if there can be any) is that I have finally managed to catch up and clear out my inbox. And as a result, here are three new mac apps which might be useful for you.

1. Bloglight: A desktop tool that lets you make searches on blog-search engines. It currently searches through Feedster, Technorati, IceRocket and Google Blog Search. It is fast and accurate, and allows you to group results by date and relevance. The interface is simple, but results display page needs some help. You can download trial version here. Full version costs $13.95.

2. WheresTheFreeSpace: It is a nifty little disk utility that helps you find hidden storage space on your hard drive. It is pretty effective, and well, opened my space on my super cluttered Powerbook. You can download the trial here. If it works for you and you want to buy it, the developers are giving a special GigaOM discount. Just use GIGAOM as promo code.

3. Bleezer: Free blogging tool, Bleezer, that works on all three major OS-based computers. It is not very pretty but does a damn fine job with most of the major blogging tools. You can’t argue with the price: its free.

PS: Can you recommend a good uninstaller tool for OS-X?



Although it has already been recommended above, AppZapper is good enough to merit repetition. It is the type of tool one wishes were pre-packaged with the OS.

Adam Wright

Another vote for AppZapper – very slick. Realstically nothing a little bit of Ruby or Perl couldn’t accomplish, but the satisfaction of the “Zap” more than makes up for it :)

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