Its a Splog Planet

A few days ago when I made a stink about certain sites simply republishing the content without as much as a hat tip, I got a smack down from others who thought let the text flow. Jason and Jeff Jarvis have since picked up the flag, and are basically pointing out that this is becoming a big problem. Not sure where it is going to end, but Mike Rundle is sounding an alarm over a new site called Top Ten Sources. The site is simply republishing entire feeds, regardless of the content length or whatever. So the cycle continues… As Charlie and David say , given who is backing the site, I might be hasty in calling it a splog. Actually I didn’t…. I just pointed out the wholesale republishing. Especially, if the said parties are behind the venture.

Shelley “Burningbird” Powers: Isn’t a personal aggregator, whether web-based or desktop-based, nothing more than a variation on a browser, in that it renders web-based material for an individual’s personal consumption? However, re-publishing the content in its entirety for mass consumption without permission is a violation of copyright law.

John Palfrey has a post up, in which he justifies everything. Good points, they are emailing all new inclusions. That’s all that was needed. Issue closed.

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