Fujitsu P1500 Tablet PC wins PC World Innovation Award


Fujitsu announced in a press release today the awarding of a 2006 PC World Innovations Award for the P1500 convertible notebook. The P1500 is the ultra-portable convertible Tablet PC with an 8.9 inch touchscreen. PC World editors awarded the Innovations Award to 25 winners and you can find more information on their web site.

“The LifeBook P1500 notebook represents a significant technology breakthrough in its compact size and uncompromising feature set, along with the first industry support of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition on a touch screen,” said Paul Moore, director of mobile product marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems. “Recognition by the prestigious PC World Innovations Awards illustrates Fujitsu’s success and ongoing commitment to combine innovation with performance and reliability in its mobile computing products.”



I went for the p1510d. Couldn’t resist. Should be here next week. Time to replace the Sony U70.

Might get the dualcor at some point, but I’m ready for a convertible again right now.



Same here re the credit card bill, plus the trip to the Olympics next month. Maybe next year, though by then I’m sure there will be something newer and sexier!


The accolades for this device keep flowing in don’t they?! My dilemma is do I wait for the Dualcor cPC in March which may or may not have cellular/bluetooth yet, or go for the 1510 and maybe tether it to the 700w via PDANet? Of course my post Christmas credit card bill can pretty easily answer this question right now……

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