Charter Adds Portable Music Option For High-Speed Subs


Execs from Synacor, the content and service provider for Charter’s portal (and a sponsor of told me when the portal launched that portable music would be offered; now Charter is officially announcing thre add-on that’s quietly been available for a short while on I meant to write about it after I saw a mention on the site just before CES but got sidetracked … Music To-Go is a $2 a month add-on for Charter Music, a premium service from MusicNet that runs $7.99 a month. Based on Microsoft’s DRM, it requires MusicNet Performer and has to be installed via IE. Subs have access to:

— 2 million-plus song library.

— unlimited download (the press release suggests this differs from other services; in fact, Yahoo, Rhapsody and Napster all offer unlimited portable downloads.

— a flat $0.99 fee for downloads.

I’ll try it out later today and let you know how it compares.

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