Sunday’s Bonus Broadband Links


Its a plane, Its a bird, no….. its FIOS TV. Despite a lot of noise about Verizon’s FIOS TV, Texans are having a hard time signing up for the service which is going to change the world. And those who have managed to sign-up, well things aren’t going too well for them. Or as they say, buyer beware. DSL Reports Google Map Mash-Up with FIOS and other information!

Skype needs an Apple kind of retail: Radio Shack is the ideal place to sell products, but the Skype generation is not the ones who shop there. They shop in “cool” stores which is why Apple gets it with their Apple stores.

How Big is Skype’s Hardware Bonanza? : Skype gets abouts 5 percent of the wholesale price on Skype Certified gear, which Skype eagerly co-markets, writes Skype Journal’s Phil Wolff. In order to make the 2006 target of $200 million in sales, the company will have to sell “sell one unit to nearly every Skype user on earth.” Stay tuned for eBay’s fiscal 2005 earnings on Wednesday.

IPTV, aka Internet Porn TV: Some are getting really excited (pun intended) about the prospects of IPTV.

The Other Chip Switch for Apple: Apple has switched from Broadcom to Atheros for its WiFi needs.

Why AOL might win the online video sweepstakes? Because everything is free?


Om Malik

wes, there is word that broadcom might be the motherboard supplier while, wifi is from atheros. trying to nail down the details. if you have some more information, send it my way

jim asiano

Skype’s hardware activities are coll and very popular on the review sites. But the developer program is brining even more interesting things when it comes to cross-platform usability like collaboration. Comm tools are fun, but our software, Verosee, brings to Win, Linux and Apple users team workspaces for Skype. The software allows real time and asynchronous doc mgt for across all personal productivity apps from Win, Linux and Mac.

Wes Felter

Like Akimbo, the porn companies may have trouble getting an IPTV box into customers’ living rooms. Maybe (like Akimbo) they’ll try to piggyback off Windows MCE, but that’s an uphill battle as well. It goes without saying that nobody is going to get access to the telcos’ IPTV boxes, especially companies pushing disruptive business models.

I spy a Broadcom logo on the new iMac motherboard.

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