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Google, You Tube & Dark Side Of Online Video

Online video is hot, and you can judge that from the break neck growth of You Tube. The San Mateo, California company was founded in February 2005, and a year later it is serving more than 3 million video views a day, receiving about 8,000 video uploads a day from users and transferring 16 terabytes of data a day. Add to the mix Google video and half-a-dozen others, and you get the idea that video-sharing is the hottest thing on the Internet. But many of these videos that are being shared are infringing on copyrights of some content creators.

Google Video, thanks to its massive infrastructure has become a repository for all sort of foreign films. I have personally watched dozens of Bollywood movies, many of them released recently. Here is a little sampling. Since the time I got in touch with Google last week, a lot of material has been taken off their site, but some Bollywood songs etc still remain. I guess, this is going to be a policing issue going forward for Google and everyone else. You Tube still features a lot of Bollywood content like this and this. Its not just fare from overseas markets, but I found a lot of music videos and television show clips, which make me wonder about how these video sharing services are going to protect against copy right infringements. I pinged Google and asked them about the said copyright infringements. A spokesperson emailed me this response.

As for infringement, Google respects the rights of copyright holders … For all of the content we host – whether from premium content providers or creative end users – we require the content provider to hold all necessary rights to the material. We work to identify and remove any infringing content that may appear on Google Video using the process set forth in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If we receive a notice or otherwise have reason to believe that content submitted by a particular user infringes another person’s copyright, their account may be terminated.

You Tube in an email statement pretty much said the same thing.

“All of the content on YouTube — including videos, comments, and ratings — is posted at the direction of users. We take copyright issues very seriously. Our terms of use make it clear that
users should own or have permission from copyright holders to post any videos. We encourage copyright holders to contact us appropriately if they have any objections about specific postings.”

The news of Bollywood movies being shared on Google video hit the news wires this morning in India. Sunil Thakur, founder of WahIndia!, a website that syndicates its entertainment segments online to sites like Sify and Planetguru told IANS news service, that “he received a response in which Google suggest(s) he “contact the user directly”, to remove content, or “file a complaint” using standard form to contact Google Video. These users (that Google asks us to contact) are usually untraceable and could be from anywhere in the world. While one waits for the issue to resolve, the filmmaker could be losing real money as new releases are downloaded and passed around on PC, iPOD, Sony PSP.”

I am not sure if this is a problem that is going to go away. Online video companies will have to figure out a policing mechanism… after all if CSI shows start showing up on Google video (not the store), Google’s partners at Viacom are not going to be too thrilled. Similarly SNL videos now for sale on iTunes store, available for free are going to become a headache of sorts for folks at You Tube.

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  1. I was thinking of starting yet another youtube clone but I presume will have to wait now…scared about copyright issues..and by the way, I dont have lawyers to fight as google :)

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  4. Am I the only Mac user who cannot upload video to Google ( or You Tube?) I have tried uploading a short ( 4:16) .mov file but it always fails. Google support suggests I send it as an MPEG file. How do I change the file name extension?

  5. You fools! Did you not heed my warning!? Google will be the first up against the wall. When the jack booted thugs kick down your door and steal your stolen content then who will you look to?! GOOGLE?! HA! You fools. I lost my right arm for this cause. DO NOT INVALIDATE MY SACRIFICE!!! HEED!

  6. With all the video’s being downloaded there can never be a mechanism that will take out the copyright. Perfect example… This is not even old content. This is new TV as it is happening. Anyone heard of Big Brother… Well, you can purchase live feed to see the house guests 24 hours… There are some sites that are Tivo ing this and creating their own website using youtube as the link to show the videos… ( I won’t give out the website name)

    I think this is a big no no… Old stuff I don’t think is a big deal but I guess either way it is copyright infringement.

  7. I am a big Youtube fan, but lets face it. 80% of the video clips on youtube are clips of copyrighted TV clips, movies, DVD and VHS tapes.

    Unless you tube considers uploading a small clip from a DVD that you own not copyright infringement; however, I don’t think that is the case.

  8. connie

    All of yall need to shut the hell up okay because yall dont know what yall is talking about and I dont really care what yall have to say about me because yall aint gonna hurt my feelings okay

  9. Listen, this is bu**shit. Why do we have to “protect against copy right infringements”? The people have spoken, and they no longer believe in intellectual property. period. If this isn’t obvious by now, then what IS obvious? In a truely democratic society, intellectual property would not exist, because Americans have overwhelmingly opposed it.


    angry reader