MacBook Pro: Hosting iChat Video Conference?


The current iChat systems requirement prevent a PowerBook user to host a 3-person Video conference. We can participate in one, we simply can’t host one. One G4 processor just isn’t enough for that.

I’m now wondering whether it’s possible for a MacBook Pro user to host an iChat Video conference with 3 people.

Has somebody tried it? If not, I’d be willing to participate in a test. My AIM ID is “LePhrenchee”.

update: Ryan J. Bonnell was at Macworld and tells us that YES, the MacBook Pro does let users host an iChat conference. Thanks Ryan! :)


Brian Kucan

Ok how? I also have an aol account but still can’t use my cam on my macbook pro


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live conferencing

J’ai fait des conférences vidéo multicanal dans le passé sur le MBP 2,16, mais maintenant seulement voir la “seule caméra”. Je me demande si les choses ont changé dans la mise à jour 10.4.7 ou l’une des mises à jour de sécurité depuis.


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To fix this, make sure your connection spedd in your quicktime preferences is set sufficiently high…


I have done multiway video conferences in the past on the MBP 2.16GHz, but now only see the “single camera” icon. I wonder if this changed in the 10.4.7 update or one of the security updates since.


I have a MacBook Pro, 2GHZ. I’m trying to do a multi-video chat with two other friends. One has a MacBook, the other an iBook G4, 1.2GHZ. Any idea on why I cant seem to do a multi video chat? I was told that I had to have the camera icon next to the buudy list (which shows up) and then I was told that I had to have multiple cameras. Mine does not even have multiple cameras when viewed from another user. Any ideas? Is it a setting somewhere?


At MacWorld I asked that exact question and the staffer at the MacBook I was at said, “yes.” You can initate and host a four person (including yourself) iChat. Cool.

Chris Holland

Marco: mm interesting. Well it says it “lets you video chat“, but it still doesn’t specify whether you can actually HOST it.

Ryan J. Bonnell

I attended Macworld San Francisco this year and played with this exact feature.

Using the new MacBook Pro laptops, I was able to successfully host and join a multi-person conference with ease. The most participants I could get to work was myself and two others (3 in total), but I never tried a true four person conference.

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