MacBook Pro Photos


Here are some beautiful MacBook Pro pictures courtesy of Dan. Be sure to click on these thumbnails to see the full size pictures. Quality stuff my friends.



I don’t understand why I’m so under the spell by MacBook Pro when I already have a 12-inch laptop running on Vista. Seriously, can someone get me out of this spell?

I really like to have a MacBook Pro right beside my new laptop. It would really fulfill my lust over them, but i do not want to spend almost 3 grand for a notebook.

I’ve been surfing online about these “free macbook pro” thing, but i think that’s just selling your information to advertisement agencies.

What can I do? I don’t wanna be prosecuted for stealing a MacBook Pro at a retail store.


you can get a 2.16 ghz macbook pro and many other new technologies for free. If you get referrals you get points from their offers completed. Other “free” items are;Apple iPhone’ Cash, Desktops, Laptops, MP3 Players, Plasma/LCD TVs, Portable Video Players and Video Games


I think the macbook is quite innovative and one of the best laptops, as a college student and vista user I am set to switch to mac osx(waiting for leopard to come out).

you can get a free macbook pro,well not truly “free”of course you do have to complete an offer and refer people, and shit but it would be much cheaper than actually buying one…

so if you just want to try it out, go for it(make sure to read terms and conditions so you know what you are getting into)…if not then have a good day…


I really hope that a rev b. comes out anytime before august/06. My birthday is in the last days of july and hoepfully Ill get mine sometime around august (cant wait!!!). Some things I would apreciate o be fixed are the dvd burning speed, firewire 800, and perhaps re-add those 60 missing vertical pixels that were present in the last 15″ powerbooks.


To Ben:
not sure, they was ibook 14 and PowerBook 15, so maybe macbook 13 ans macBook Pro 12.

Sorry if I don’t understand very well your post, I’m french.


they wont bring out a 12 inch MacBook Pro because they have brought out the 13 inch Mac Book.


I have a iBook G3 and I’m getting a MacBook Pro. I cant wait. Does anyone know where the cheapest place to get one is?


i want one :(:(:(…get mine teusday hopefully hahaha

Zak H

i love my 15 inch macbook pro. best lAPTOP in the world. GraPHICS ARE AMAZING. battery awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE IT!!!

Niall O'Donoghue

I predict the 12″ MacBook Pro will be unveiled as a “Christmas 2006 Best Selling Tech Gift” contender. I’m almost certain they will not unveil the 17″ (estimated to unveil June 2006) and 12″ together. I might be proven wrong of course – but let’s see!


Soooooo prettttyyy!!!! I wish my macbook would hurry up and arrive. *sigh*


Right ok, the MacBook Pro is Apple’s new porfessional laptop. It is widely accepted, let’s just drop it. Apple doesn’t do things half-heartedly and they know now is not the time to start. This thing is even more gorgeous then the previous 15 inch Powerbook and Jobs has gone on the record saying that the form factor of these things are perfect in his opinion, there is nothing more to change.

The Architect

Does the trackpad now support two buttons? Some how these new MacBook Pro machines look about 80% done. Apple rarely puts out a product with so little information about the specifics.

I do hope the 17″ MBP has a bigger keyboard with a numeric keypad. And I’d gladly take a pair of 3Gbs eSATA ports anyday over FW800.


I got some speculation as to what “Oh, it’s much cooler than that. Much cooler,” means. It means, don’t buy this one, because as soon as the real MacBook PRO, as in Apple’s truly PROFESSIONAL grade notebook, hits the shelves, I am going to be the first in line and the first to say, “I told you so.”

Think about it. No FireWire 800? Only comes in one size? Standard 5400 rpm HDD? And lastly, why did Apple replace the iMac G5, with a 64-bit processor, with an iMac Core Duo, with a 32-bit processor?

I don’t know, this new MacBook “Pro” sounds like a consumer grade version of what is yet to come. I suspect they will call the next generation of MacBooks the MacBook Pro^2.

See it all for yourself! Go to and be the judge. The URL to the exact article I was referring to is at the very beginning of this message.


who’s got my 2 g’s?
I NEED this thing!
I’m sitting here on my G4 just waiting for these photos to transfer…..just waiting…..waiting….
me need MBP>


WOW! All I can say about the new MacBook Pro is that I am amazed at its features. They made a faster notebook, but continue to put 32-bit processors in them. I am definately going to hold out until the second quarter of 2006, when Intel is supposed to release the 64-bit version of the current Yonah, the Merom. Another thing I hope they fix is the lack of a FireWire 800 connection. I personally enjoy my video editing experience at twice the speed of regular FireWire. Other than that, I think that Apple has really started something. Let’s just hope that their models in the future will last longer than they have in the last few months.


ah these pics making me want the macbookpro more and more……… damnn its a beauty!


Looks like those MacBook Pro’s had everything under the sun running on them while they were on display. I wonder how fast they were since I can barely run Photoshop CS2 and iPhoto at the same time on my 15″ PowerBook G4.


The screen is supposedly “60% brighter” or something like that. Can someone confirm that it does not one of those nasty super-shiny screens that all the windows laptops seem to have these days. I suppose it doesn’t or we’d have heard the complaints already. Thanks.


A 12 inch with a higher res screen would be schweet.

A 13 inch widescreen with decent resolution and brightness would be schweeter.

I have a 12 inch G4 and love it to bits, but the screen is its weak point.


I have a first-generation 12″ PowerBook G4 and decided quite some time ago that I would get a 15″ model next time. Unfortunately, my new HDTV has put a pretty good dent in my finances, so I’ll wait until at least the next revision. Besides, I got burned feature-wise by buying a first-generation machine when I got my PowerBook: it only has USB 1.1 and no DVI out (the next revision added both).

It looks like the MBP has a nice sturdy power cord. The PowerBook cords are horribly flimsy.


I think they better not before i can get one…lol. i wrote apple about them keeping them out for at least another year. so i guess we will see.


I know there was some speculation that the 12″ was going to be discontinued, but more recently, it sounds as though it’s still in the running. What does everyone think?

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