FON Goes (To) Google

A few weeks ago I wrote about FON, a WiFi services company that planned to use open source and sharing principles to do an end run around the incumbents. The idea is to download a piece of software that is loaded into the wireless router and allows for wireless Internet access sharing.

FON has had mixed reactions. Folks like Glenn Fleishman think it won’t work. Others do. Since then another FON type project has emerged: Wibiki. But back to FON, I had wondered what if the FON concept could be married to bigger wireless plays like the ones planned by Google. Apparently, someone was thinking along those lines.

Drison writes that “Martin Varsavsky (the Fon movement leader) has met in several occasions some Google directors (and even Larry Page y Sergey Brin, its founders)” and has talked about the project. Martin, apparently has met with others including Yahoo. Ejovi Nuwere, FON’s man in US writes on his blog that he and Martin met with Sergey Brin sometime in December. Martin posts about this here, though really doesn’t say much.

What do you make of this, my ultra smart readers? Worth keeping an eye on?

PS: I am down with flu, again… so that explains slow posting.