Sunrocket’s Hogwash


Sun Rocket, a johnny come lately VoIP Service Provider has started a stealth marketing blog called Everyday Hogwash, which essentially is a contest that rewards people for bitching about businesses. (Hat tip, Thread Watch.) Some think it is a bad idea, and gives bloggers a bad name. Without getting into the semantics of it all, it clearly is a terrible move for Sun Rocket. I mean, it is a wide open invitation for dissatisfied Sun Rocket customers, and there are many, to go and post on the site. (Whether their complaints go online, remains to be seen!)

John, for example complained earlier today about his experience. He called SunRocket, because he wanted to add two more additional phone numbers to his existing service, but was told that because of database failure, they [Sun Rocket] could not do it for a whole week. “Next, I emailed, the address they provide their customers to report concerns. Both were returned as “undeliverable” by their mail server … Even if they give the service away for free, I doubt it is of any value if they cant keep their critical systems online,” writes John, who is not the first to express his frustration about the service. There have been others who have bemoaned about Sun Rocket.

What is that saying about… those who live in glass houses. On top of that, it is not a terribly original idea. Reminds me of Simply Hired’s Simply Fired campaign! I would take, The Consumerist over EveryDay Hogwash, any day anytime.


Robert Reschke

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Eric Atkins

I’ve been a Sunrocket customer for several months and have had no trouble out of the service. Maybe that’s because to this very second, I’ve never spoken to a human about my telephone service. Signing up for the service $200 for two years), porting my telephone number, canceling my old service with Bellsouth, getting my new equipment and paying for the service has all been done without talking to a single person.

I’m on Comcast in Huntsville, Alabama and am glad we dropped Bellsouth.


I guess they like to be in your face. Sunrocket must be doing something right if affiliate sites are able to offer huge promotions and have Sunrocket’s ad plastered across the internet. Consider this. I got a whopping $80 cashback from for signing up through them. Do you think this will last? Cable and network companies do this kind of promotions once a year compared with Sunrocket who does it all year round.

Bill Seitzinger

No hogwash here. Anyone who researches SunRocket will quickly find out that there are SR lovers and SR haters. Research Vonage, Lingo, Packet8, or any other VOIP provider and you will find the same thing. I’ve had SunRocket for well over a year now. True, there have been a few outages since May of 2005 but none adversely effected me cause I had a cell phone for backup. I can live with an outage or two over a year and a half. I saved over $700 by switching over to SunRocket. It is the best VoIP deal out there. Read about my experience at:

Good luck to you.

Allan Spanjer

Can anyone out there suggest what I might do to correct an unusually long delay after dialing (a minimum of 14 seconds, as much as 40 seconds, and some times never) before the phone rings at the number being called? The service response at SunRocket is a joke, beginning with their initial response which is to blame the subscriber or the cable company for the problem. Getting to someone who actually knows something and who may be able to help is nearly impossible.

mark speck

who is ceo at sunrocket now? why are they looking for a new CEO?


I have used Sunrocket for awhile and have run into the “…we’re having problems right now – call back in a week.” This seems to be a standard response when you get a new person on the phone. If you dial the number right back, and ask again, chances are you’ll get an experienced person on the line. It’s a pain in the butt to do sometimes – but believe me – it works…

Jeremy Pepper

Funny you bring up SimplyFired – my main complaint of that contest was that it seemed to be antithesis to what SimpyHired is trying to do, help people find jobs.

I had brought that up with Dave McClure at BlogOn, that I would rather see a contest from them that highlighted who get the best job via SimplyHired.

But, it will be interesting to see if the Hogwash complaints include ones against Sun Rocket.

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