Use Quicktime to Play Windows Media Files


Found this over on DiggFlip4Mac has a piece of software that makes Quicktime able to run Windows Media! And not just that, it’ll run .wmv’s in your browser as well. I’ve tested it out and it works great. What’s a hugely useful little app – I love stuff like this!



I have Quicktime and the Flip4mac reader. It appears that this is all I need to be be able to see .wmv streaming video. When I download a file or news item with an .wmv attachment, it appears to be downloading fine, but the final file does not appear anywhere, like the desktop, nor does QT open it. I wonder if the preferences are set properly or it there could be another problem.

Do you have a news service where this works OK. The one I use is MT-Newswatcher. You can respond to me at



I have a PC I am using windows XP and I made a power point presentation with some wmv files inserted. I take it to school of course schools only have apple computers. The powerpoint file plays but not the wmv. So I know I have to convert the wmv in windows to a mov quicktime then insert it before I take it to school for play on apple computers does anyone know a free converter for windows so it will play on a mac and can I make all the conversions on windows pc for play on mac without having to install anything on the macs at school???? Thanks any help would be great feel free to email me

Jason Terhorst

Hopefully, they’ve fixed the bugs since the previous versions. Of course, the reason this is up on Digg is due to the fact that WMP for Mac is now dead, gone the way of Internet Explorer. This program is intended to take over in that area.


Be nice if they would take the extra step of register WMV files as playable by Quicktime when you install this thing. You can’t drag & drop .wmv files on Quicktime or use the “Open With” contextual menu item in the Finder. To open a .wmv file in Quicktime you have to launch it and then use the Open menu item.


Is does not work perfect with the new version of Quicktime though…. :-/


This is a grate app really makes life better when u wanna see streaming media.

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