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UMG & MobiTV Offer 24hr Music Videos

Universal Music Group has signed up with MobiTV to make 1100 music videos available on the MobiTV service as well as four new mobile music TV channels. “The MobiTV branded music channels will showcase full-length music videos from more than 375 Universal Music Group hip hop, pop, alternative, rap, rock and metal artists.”
The channels are included in the MobiTV subscription, which varies from carrier to carrier but is generally around $10 per month in the US, as far as I’m aware.
UMG is big and the channels are intended as a showcase for the labels artists. As such it’s not really an MTV-type service but coming close to mobile marketing…done in a way which consumers want. And of course, other labels are free to make their own channels on the MobiTV service which would create some choice…
However I’m not sure if the “1100 music videos” cited are independent offerings or if that is how many are available for the channels. If there are 1100 videos, that’s 55 hours of programming at 3 minutes a song, or around 18 hours per channel.