jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #9- Treo 700w video review


Head over to the podcast web site to view or download (WMV format, 320×240, 37.5 MB, 23 minutes)


Palm has produced the Treo 700w running Windows Mobile 5.0 and Verizon released it for sale last week.  I picked one up and decided to give you a video tour of the newest Treo and show you what I think of it.  It is a very sweet phone!

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Kevin C. Tofel

Good review! The concern is have is the issue with the program memory which still baffles me. All sites (including Palm’s) indicate that the device has 128MB of memory, 64MB of which is user available. I’m thinking 64MB should be reserved for the persistent storage leaving the remainder for data & program storage as well as memory space to run programs. How could only 9MB be free to run apps? Palm? Anyone? Something doesn’t seem right with this configuration.

Tablet PC User

Nice show James. The lighting wasn’t the best though. You were in a much better position in the previous OQO review.


hi jk,

i think it would be nicer if you could hold the treo in front of the camera with your body behind the tripod so that the camera is always on the phone so that we get a intimate feel of the phone and how it works. and if you could, may be have another camera that’s always on your face and make it show in a little box in the corner so that we can see your expressions as well. that would be the idea solution.

the way it is now, it’s kind of hard to see what you are doing with the phone.



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