Don’t get stiffed on the RAM, again

About this time last year, with the announcement of the Mac Mini, I advised everybody to stay away from Apple RAM because it was too expensive.

With the new Intel based Macs the situation unfortunately has not changed.

The new MacBook for example is available in a 1GB, with one SO-DIMM, configuration. You can upgrade that to 2GB by adding another SO-DIMM. Apple will charge you 210GBP, including VAT for the DIMM. Crucial (a branch of Micron Technology who make lots of OEM RAM) already have the new MacBooks in their system.

Crucial charge just under 87GBP, inc. VAT. For the same additional 1GB SO-DIMM.

Apple are charging almost 2.5 times the price for the same RAM!

As always, it always pays to shop around…


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