ArtRage 2 to appear soon


No doubt one of the coolest programs on the Tablet PC is ArtRage, also known as Ink Art in the Experience Pack from Microsoft. Ambient Design, producers of ArtRage, have a preview page up on their web site showing all the new features that will be available in the next version. ArtRage 2 will bridge the technical gap between the first version and Alias Sketchbook Pro by offering the following features:

  • Faster & More Accurate: We rewrote the tools to make them faster and place paint more accurately. We also added tool cursors to give you an idea of where your paint’s going to apply when you start your stroke.
  • Improved Tablet Support: We’ve improved the support for various graphics tablets in ArtRage 2.
  • Tool Controls: Each tool has a set of controls you can use to adjust how it looks and feels. Want soft, wet felt tips? Want a dry brush? How about a soft pencil or an oil paint with thinners? You can do all that with the tool controls.
  • Canvas Control: You can move, zoom, or rotate your canvas to whatever angle is comfortable for painting.
  • Custom Papers: You can control the grain of your paper, along with its roughness, how metallic it is, and a bunch of other options. Custom papers can be saved as presets so you can get back to them later.
  • Custom Color Pickers: Use an image as a color picker, or create one by sampling an area of blended paint from your canvas.
  • PSD Support: ArtRage 2 supports the PSD format for layered image import and export.
  • Tracing Image Control: You can scale and position your tracing image however you wish.
  • Online Updates: The optional online check for updates system keeps you informed of new versions and product news.

According to Ambient Design ArtRage 2 will be released for both Windows and Macs “really soon now”.

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