I threw up a little inside….


“MacBook Pro”. Are you kidding me?! Also, $2000 base price?!
…. with only 512 MB of RAM, 80 GB HD, and 128 MB VRAM video card? This is weird.
The offerings from HP and Dell can very well compete on spec, so this isn’t very good.

C’mon, Jobs! What kind of name is that?? “MacBook Pro”… it’ll make you vomit.

Edit: For what it’s worth, the old Powerbooks are still available, which assures me that they at least know that people still like what the old ones had in terms of size and options, even if the power was lackluster in comparison with the new stuff. And the old name wasn’t terrible, either. I just think it’s a mistake to rename it to something silly like “MacBook Pro”, and remove all of the options the old ones had.



So, do we put those “Snail Inside” stickers on our new Intel Macs? Does all of that tech-talk about RISC processors being so much faster no longer apply? And, will Apple feel the need for another name change when they start using AMD processors?


Name is okay. It’s not noticeably marked on the outside (maybe brushed below the screen), so who the hell cares?

I’m excited about the machine and the entry on engadget today saying it might be able to run Vista. Of course that may mean running the risk of Windows opening the door to viruses that kill the mac side of things, but we’ll see what they come up with…

Re; the 17″ discussion. I have a rev 1 17″ and it’s been incredible from day 1. I was lucky enough to not experience any rev 1 issues and my battery life is still decent. That being said, I think I’ll welcome the smaller footprint. The resolution will be exactly the same, so there’s no loss for me there. Also, I doubt Apple will announce any other laptop products until the 15s have been shipping for at least a month.

– I use FW 400, but never used FW 800. So no loss for me there
– I never used the card slot, so no loss there
– I used S-video out, so am not sure what I’ll substitute with yet
– Happy about iSight built in
– Happy about Front Row and all the other bundled sw, b/c I’m still running the versions that came w/the 17″
– DVD burner is still an upgrade from mine, but the dual-layer (or whatever was in the last rev) would have been nicer

Overall, I’m looking forward to it and think it’ll be another great machine for the next 3 years.


I, for one, like the name. It has a bold and distinct sound to it. Since these are called the MacBook [i]Pro[/i], I think the iBook line may be gone too, in favor of the MacBook.

So, the MacBook and MacBook Pro series of notebooks. Steve aluded to the fact that Apple wanted to get the term “Mac” into these products. It’s a marketing decision. Let them marlket their outstanding products. You’d think that Mr. Jobs was performing a personal slight on everyone here.

Oh, and I checked out the Inspiron 9400… doesn’t come with OS X, so therefore it has no hope of competing.


Mmmm… why all so negative? How do you know it is junk? When you compare the specs with a G4, how do you call a iBook? Personaly I can’t wait to play with the thing.

Mondo Dynamo

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Once upon a time having an Apple laptop meant something. Having a Powerbook was a something that set you apart from the crowd.

And now we have some bastard offspring of Wintel and Apple the macbook pro.

No high end stuff (Firewire 800, real superdrive etc.) and no Apple flair or distinction.

I was really hoping for a good new powerbook. Instead we get some piece of wintel junk running OSX. What is the world coming to?


The base price is very, very reasonable. The MacBooks have the latest in discrete graphics from ATI and sport nice dual core processors from Intel.

There’s nothing on Dell and HP’s catalog which is competitive in the sub-2000 price range.

You can get cheap Dells with lots of video memory, but those are integrated, not discrete, graphics components. An Intel Extreme performs considerably worse than a Mobility Radeon X1600.

Also, there isn’t anything on Dell’s site right now that has dual core.

If you want something to compete with the bargain priced Dells, wait for the single core iBook replacements.

Andrew Creek

Is the 17inch model the most popular version? I personally know more people who own the 12inch-15inch models I know 3 people who own the larger versions. The 17 inch is frickin huge. Have you ever had one sitting on your lap? It defeats the purpose of having a laptop. It takes up all your space.


With its 4x performance boost, not much is mentioned in the apple website about battery life. With a dual-core intel chip, how is the battery life going to be affected? The last round of pbooks claimed a 5.6 hour lifespan, how does the macbook pro measure up?


I’m just going to call them ‘Books’, theres no way I’m telling someone the new ‘MacBook Pro’ has come out. Yes it’s a rubish name, but hey, it’s the coolest laptop I’ve ever seen.


(Above comments based on the fact that the new M*cBooks do not appear to have replaced the powerbooks, judging by the apple website)


I expect to see many of these problems righted over the next few months. If Apple is keeping the feature-set a leettle limited at the moment, that may be wise since these _are_ rev A machines. We are right at the beginning of THE transitional phase, and should accordingly view the current line-up incomplete. The time ahead remains more interesting than the present.

One thing I would like to see is Apple blazing a trail fitting lots of memory as standard on these things, since even 512 MB is a tad dissapointing when high-end machines are concerned.

My 2 cents: Firewire 800 is not gone forever!


Come on. It is the first Intel pro laptop from Apple. Don’t you think the line will expand in time with more options as the Powerbooks (which are still available) are phased out? I think Apple wanted to get one out ASAP so that no one would be waiting for the Intel versions to come out. Pretty sharp move I think. As for the name, I don’t care for it much either, but I expect it will grow on me.

Marc Tremblay

I bet we’ll see other sizes in the coming months. This is a first whack at it so they went with the most popular model.

Price is fine by me. Most PCs appear cheaper but only remain so if you leave them configured with the crappy default components. Once they’re configured with the same options my experience has been that you’re within a few hundred dollars of the Apple offering.

Jason Terhorst

I’m referring to getting people to switch to the Mac, when they’re concerned about specs… how will they switch when they see the price? The Powerbook is more expensive than it used to be, and we don’t have the option of a 12-inch screen anymore! … or 17-inch, for that matter. It’s just too pricey, methinks.

Radu Dutzan

Just for everyone saying PowerBook was for PowerPC, PowerBook has been PowerBook for long before the PowerPC.


Do you really buy a $2000 computer based on the name alone? Maybe it’s just me but I’m more upset about the lack of Firewire800. They could call it iWhatARipOff and I would still buy it becuase it runs OSX! Just my two cents


The offerings from HP and Dell can very well compete on spec, so this isn’t very good.,

Since when has this been even remotely considered by the average mac user? What you say may be true, but the wildcard is OS X. Either that means more to you than specs, or it doesn’t.


So if we continue on the MacBook trend of naming, with the PowerMacs be named MacMacs?

I am ticked that they dropped Firewire800 and Svideo, as well as dumbed down the superdrive as well.

Oh well, that will be for a rev B I would imagine. At least they don’t have the dumb Intel Inside sticker.

Vicente Ribeiro

InBook would be out of the question… iBook is taken… MacBook is, indeed, very ugly but most intel machine DO have ugly names… Come on guys, we are Intel now!

Andy Hume

“the MacBook is definitely a let down in every way.”

What planet are you living on?! A new 15″ Apple notebook with dual core processor. 4 -5 x faster than the G4. OK, the price isn’t great, but then when were Apple’s prices ever great?

Jesse Wilson

I can see the why behind the name change, afterall the “Power” in PowerBook has a bit to do with the PowerPC architecture. Just wish they would have come up with something different.

As far as the specs go, all I can deduce is that Apple doesn’t want to cannibalize the other lines. The new iMac is nice, but the MacBook is definitely a let down in every way.

Andrew Creek

I think the name fits perfectly with the look of this years iLife and iWork boxes. Ugly just ugly.

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