I threw up a little inside….

“MacBook Pro”. Are you kidding me?! Also, $2000 base price?!
…. with only 512 MB of RAM, 80 GB HD, and 128 MB VRAM video card? This is weird.
The offerings from HP and Dell can very well compete on spec, so this isn’t very good.

C’mon, Jobs! What kind of name is that?? “MacBook Pro”… it’ll make you vomit.

Edit: For what it’s worth, the old Powerbooks are still available, which assures me that they at least know that people still like what the old ones had in terms of size and options, even if the power was lackluster in comparison with the new stuff. And the old name wasn’t terrible, either. I just think it’s a mistake to rename it to something silly like “MacBook Pro”, and remove all of the options the old ones had.


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