What is Huawei?

Regular readers very well know that Huawei is an emerging telecom powerhouse, a bit of a problem for the US vendors, and a threat to the established telecom order. More recently it is being perceived as a bit of a security risk.

This week’s Newsweek International does a great job of stringing together the fascinating tale of company that has/had ties with the Chinese government, and how it has become a major migraine for rest of the telecom industry. It is by far the most comprehensive story on Huawei, and I urge you to read this if you have any interest in the telecom hardware landscape.

The telecom giant is either a security menace or a real comer—or it could be a house of cards. Or all of the above. ….more than $4 billion in the first half of 2005, 85 percent higher than the same period a year before ….In 2004, Huawei got a $10 billion credit line from the state-owned China Development Bank and $600 million from the Export-Import Bank of China to fund its global expansion. That, analysts say, has helped Huawei undercut competitors’ bids by as much as 70 percent and offer vendor-financed loans.

Bonus: DFJ VC Steve Jurvetson’s Huawei factory tour photos and impressions!


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