Warning: Verizon Mobile Music Service Disables MP3s

I was pretty impressed with Verizon’s incipient music offering, but there is at least one drawback. As noted in the last update of the previous story users can transfer music bought from other music services such as Yahoo or RealNetworks, but not from iTunes — assumedly because of DRM differences. But it may go further, if this rumors are rife article is true.
When a Verizon customer signs up to the V-cast music service their handset will no longer play MP3s, even the songs that are already on there.
“This is reportedly due to an agreement with Microsoft saying that to use Windows Media software with the service, Verizon would have to agree to make phones exclusive to the WMA file format…Sources indicate that Verizon has no plans to warn subscribers of this little drawback before they sign on with the service. Users who complain about the lack of MP3 functionality will be quietly provided with a replacement handset, but statistically, the vast majority of users likely won’t complain.”
Now this is a rumor story so it shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but it does seem to fit with Microsoft’s typical strategy…
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