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Vodafone Radio DJ, From Vodafone And Sony

Vodafone has signed up Sony NetServices to launch Vodafone Radio DJ, which will offer personlized radio channels streamed to 3G phones and computers. Reuters reports that this isn’t just Sony BMG music, it has music from “the world’s largest record companies, and many smaller independent labels”.
The differentiating factor is the personalization system…”Through Sony NetServices’ detailed classification of each song in the catalogue – analysing beat and harmonies as well as genre and mood – the radio channels that individual customers receive will feature more songs that have characteristics in common with songs that are liked, whilst avoiding songs with characteristics similar to those that the customer dislikes”.
There are three elements to the service: Pre-defined channels (based on mood or genre), Personal Channels (created by the customer rating pre-defined channels), and Collections (programmed collections of about 15 songs based on a theme).
The Radio DJ service will be a monthly subscription service which will include unlimited listening on both mobile phones and PCs, with data for the service included. Naturally, customers can also buy songs that they hear and like which will become available for download to their handset and PC.
There are no price points given, probably because the service will roll out internationally. Radio DJ will initially launch in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal, and roll out to over 20 countries around the world over the year.
Depending on the price this sounds like a good service — the radio channels offer something traditional radio doesn’t (personalization) and there is no artificial link created between mobile phone and computer.
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