Lightroom for OS X – Courtesy Adobe Labs


Go check it out now, it’s free and in Beta. At first glance, it looks nice. Haven’t taken the plunge with Aperture, so I don’t have a comparison here – If you have, let us know how they compare.


Andrew Creek

Its small, fast, and doesnt have a button that loads the damn Adobe bridge. I might be wrong but it feels like the work of those Macromedia boys. Anyone else think this feels slightly askew (in a good way) of the Adobe norm?

Nick Santilli

I appreciate the insights guys – thanks.

It looks like a pretty nice app so far, from my initial tinkering. It’s upping my 1.5ghz Powerbook processor a bit….but I’ve got a lot of other stuff running too.

Not bad for a free (for now) beta. Guess we’ll wait and see what happens with it down the road.

Jørgen Arnor Gårdsø Lom

OK, I’ve jotted down my first thoughts on Lightroom over at my own blog, and I don’t bother rewriting it all here – but overall; as I’m on a Mac Mini, this is the obvious choice…

It lacks some of Aperture’s sophisticated bells and whistles (I mean that in a nice way… I actually considered buying a G5 quad, just for running Aperture…), but takes it all back in speed…


I do prefessional photography and when Aperture came out it was a big help to me. I quickly brought it into my workflow and i don’t plan to change anytime soon. I got Lightroom from Adobe and i have to say i will be using it. There are things in both that make them very close to the same but then again there are things that are different.

Conlcusion: Aperture will not leave my workflow when i am home and uploading and editing all of my RAW files. But on the fly lightroom is a quick and easy setup for my on the go Powerbook. Lightroom will quickly become a brother to Aperture in my setup and they will work together
BUT as of now nothing will take the place of Aperture.

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