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DJ Splits Barron’s Online, WSJ Online Bundle

We reported last June that Gordon Crovitz, president of Dow Jones Electronic Publishing, said the company would cross-sell instead of bundle Barron’s Online with the Online Journal this year. Until this past weekend, subscribers to one automatically had access to both; now, following an upgrade to the e-commerce system, subscribers to either can add the other for the special rate of $20. The add-on rate will be evaluated after this year. This is the screen Journal subs see when they click’s on barron’s content.) That $20 would be in addition to the online-only $79/print-plus $39 for Barron’s and online-only $99/print-plus $49 for the Journal.
Crovitz explained in an email exchange: “The Barron’s brand has its own distinct value online just as it does in print.” The move is matched by a revamp of Barron’s Online effective today, providing subscribers with more content between print editions and other changes detailed
in a note to readers from Barron’s Editor Howard Gold. Among the additions: a breaking news section from DJ Business News and proprietary tools to rate stocks and analyze investment ideas.

Apparently, I’m in a relatively small group of subscribers to the print and online Journals who saw the bundle as a value add. From Crovitz: “… for a large percentage of subscribers this is a non-event, though we hope to encourage them to add the other site to their subscription. Many subscribers currently only use the Online Journal or only use Barron’s Online, which is natural since the brands and content are quite different. We’d like subscribers to each to add the other as we inform them of improvements to both Barrron’s Online and the Online Journal, hence the special $20 price.”
No actual number of Barron’s Online subs but based on my knowledge of the site, I’d be surprised if it’s higher than low five digits — if that. The Online Journal’s claim of being larger than all but four of U.S. print papers with 764,000 subscribers should be safe; the next highest on a chart we ran last year was the Washington Post at 752,000.