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@ CES 2006: Interview: Marco Boerries, SVP-Connected Life, Yahoo

My interview with Yahoo’s Marco Boerries, SVP-Connected Life, (in the tan jacket) had to be rescheduled from Friday after his cameo appearance in CEO Terry Semel’s keynote but his excuse — showing Tom Cruise and fiancee Katie Holmes around the CES floor — was as good as they come. The result: a little more time with a less rushed Boerries. We spoke about Yahoo’s new Connected Life initiative Yahoo Go Mobile/TV/Desktop seated at a large conference table in the one room of the Yahoo tent with a door; no ceiling though, so background noise was unavoidable.
Few people at the top of Yahoo are cookie-cutter and Boerries is no exception. At 16, he dropped out of high school in Germany to establish StarOffice, the Microsoft office suite alternative; he sold that company to Sun Microsystems in 1999, joining Sun where he continued open desktop efforts Solaris and evangelized open source through GNOME. In 2001, he founded VerdiSoft to enable his vision of the connected life between PC, TV and cell phone. Yahoo bought VerdiSoft last February, bringing Boerries in as a top executive; the results started to unfold publicly at CES. Boerries’ responsibilities: mobile, digital home, PC client, broadband relationships — “pretty much everything beyond the browser.” Yahoo Go Mobile went live Friday for some phone models; work is underway to enable it for all Java-powered phones. Go TV and Go Desktop are slated for launch later this quarter.
We spoke about his background and move to Yahoo, the vision behind Yahoo Go, mobile music, IPTV, the difference betwen the Yahoo and Google CES keynotes and more. () You can download the audio here (34 min, 10 MB). There’s a little background noise. Excerpts related to IPTV, Google, Apple and more are on our sister site

Some excerpts: Q: Staci D. Kramer: Yahoo Music isn’t integrated into Go yet.
Marco Boerries: Yahoo Music is integrated on the desktop and on the TV, not on mobile yet. We’re not announcing รข