ThinkOutside to release a new Bluetooth Keyboard


The original ThinkOutside USB Stowaway keyboard has always been my favorite mobile keyboard. The Stowaway is a full keyboard with great tactile response that folds up and fits in a shirt pocket. The only way I could see to improve it would be to cut the cord with the computer. I met with the ThinkOutside folks at CES and they had some cool news for mobile gadget lovers. A new Stowaway keyboard will be released in the next couple of months that is a Bluetooth version of the venerable Stowaway I love. Here’s a photo of the new keyboard (click to enlarge):

They also were showing off the PDA Bluetooth travel mouse that now also works with PCs for extra versatility. This mouse is really nice.



The original BT keyboard has the top row removed which is very aggravating to touch typists. This new BT Keyboard goes back to the original design which brings the number row back, as Rob points out.

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