Tablet PC users gathering at CES a huge success


Last Friday the Tablet PC users meetup was held at Cheeseburger at the Oasis in Las Vegas. The gathering was open to all Tablet PC users attending the CES and it was a great experience. I’d rank it the best part of the CES for me as about 50 people got together and geeked out and generally had a good time. Loren Heiny has a good summary of the even and Rob Bushway does too. I have borrowed Rob’s partial list of attendees and added the few I knew were missing so have a look at this roll call:

  • Kevin White- Agilix
  • Fritz Switzer- Ablet Factory
  • Betsy Weber- TechSmith (SnagIt)
  • Trevor Claiborne- Student Tablet PC
  • Chris Pirillo- hey, everybody knows who Chris is
  • Jake Ludington- Media Labs
  • Gail Gudmundsen- Etymotic Research
  • Robert Scoble- now a published author
  • Jeremy Hague- Skylook
  • Richard Kuo- SnapStream Media
  • Jeff Clavier- SoftTech Vc
  • Evan Feldman- Microsoft
  • Adam Gould- OQO
  • Ken Collura
  • All of the Heinys (Lora, Loren, Layne (his daughters), Bob and his wife
  • Dennis Rice- Tablet PC Buzz
  • Arjay
  • Steve Beller- Advanced Neuromodulation Systems
  • James Kendrick- me
  • Chris DeHerra- Tablet PC Talk
  • Linda Epstein- Tablet PC2
  • Buzz Bruggerman- gives free copies of ActiveWords to everyone
  • Renee Roberts
  • Rick Segal
  • Sierra

I had a good conversation with Jake Ludington who is really jonesing for a Fujitsu P1510D. Seems his wife took his Stylistic and will not give it back. Chris Pirillo was feeling good about the next Gnomedex in the June timeframe. He said something they have planned will blow everybody away and he almost, almost spilled the beans. Betsy Weber was giving away copies of SnagIt! the best screen capture program on the planet. A new OQO with the Tablet Edition was being passed around for everybody to play with- I love the hinged hard cover case!

Thanks to all attendees for making this event so much fun. Thanks to those who picked up the tab for the meal. Thanks to the First Family of the Tablet PC for arranging such a wonderful event. It was great fun to meet a lot of people I know but haven’t met. I can’t wait until next year! Until then, enjoy these few photos I snapped with my camera phone:

Betsy Weber of TechSmith

Lora Heiny- What Is New and member of the First Family

Robert who?

Dennis Rice- looked at my new Treo and tried to switch with his old one

Loren Heiny- standing with the badge visible; Adam Gould of OQO sitting in foreground with beard

Robert Scoble- standing

Fritz Switzer

Chris Pirillo- the original Lockergnomie

Buzz Bruggeman- it took longer than I thought to get him standing on a table

F-B: Jeff Clavier; Betsy Weber; Robert Scoble


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