Sunday left overs…. Skype, Netgear

  • Andy channels Aswath and they together point out that Skype+Netgear could have some serious ramifications. “Given that Skype is now ported to embedded devices, non-Skype users need to make sure that the router itself has not become a supernode,” writes Aswath. Andy calls is SuperNodeitis
  • Oh how desperate we are. We mimic their design, their colors, but we can’t seem to capture the magic. And now we try to reinvent and relabel PODcasting as ZENcasting. Jason Fried sums it up, “A for effort, F for give me a f***ing break.”
  • iTunes is easy, but not that easy. So here is a little tutorial.
  • Turn you Nokia 770 into a PIM with Deja Desktop. (not for Mac Owners!)
  • At Varian Semiconductor, leaving the job means you get to keep the company Porsche