Its A Mouse, No Its A Phone


There was time, like a year ago, when CES was all about cool gadgets. Not any more – take this latest gizmo from Sony Japan. Its a hybrid mouse and a voip phone. Aka Mouse Talk. Plug-into the USB port of any Windows PC (not Mac of course!) and you can use it as a mouse. When there is an incoming call, the LED blinks, flip the mouse, talk like you would on a flip phone. Shut it, and go back to using a mouse. The gizmo is called Mouse Talk, and will be available in Japan, for about $65 in five colors. I hope my pals at bring it state side.

Update: Jonty had cooked up this idea, and had left a message here. You should have patented that Jonty! via Engadget.



raveets right

seems practical, but then impractical

wait let me plug in another mouse while i take this call!


would be good for laptops though…use the touchpad while on call.

i think this is one for the techno geek that lkes to show off.


Sounds neat for about 5 seconds and then you realize you are likely to want/need to use your mouse while you’re on the phone.

Lesson: single-purpose products are better.


I am not a patent lawyer. But as I understand it, Jonty has about a year to file the patent from December 8th; of course Sony may be able to demonstrate prior art.


Come on Om, that was grossly unfair. I should have at least got some credit for:

a) Predicting in your post on Dec 8, 2005 that something like this was a possibility now. Link

b) I posted an article on 6th about this phone on my blog [Link] linking your post where I made the comment.

I simply can’t believe that it escaped your notice. Now, of all the things, Engadget gets mentioned in your post.

Think, think, think.


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