Siren Song of MWSF


Damien Barrett over at TUAW makes the perfect point about the MWSF phenomenon – he actually considered risked skipping his twin brother’s wedding to go to Mac World San Fransisco next week!

But that’s how Mac users are. Every year we get excited to hear all the insanely great stuff that Cupertino has in store for the coming months. We get excited every year and wait in lines to get buy the newest installment of OS X when it comes out. (Windows users may do the same, but that’s because they have to wait like 5 or 6 years between OS releases….)

Anyone out there skipping something important for MWSF? Arrange business trips to coincide to be in San Fran the 2nd week in January…? Let us hear about it.


Damien Barrett

Not quite. I said I *risked* missing the wedding, not that I would voluntarily skip it. However, I decided that the risk of missing it was too great, no matter how much I want to be at MWSF. There’s a difference there, and an important one.

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