Remember, “Redmond, start your photocopiers”


Looks like Redmond took Cupertino’s suggestion to heart. Course we all knew that already.

Airbag points to a couple awesome movies. They pair CES Vista announcements with the current OS X functionality. Fun to watch. It’ll be great to see what Leopard has up its sleeves next week, as opposed to Vista’s year (plus) old ‘innovations’.

I know, this is mac fan-boy stuff – most of this tech has been talked about for a whole, but it’s still a good time to poke some fun.



I remember it very well. Windows Vista looking slightly unoriginal. The title caught my as Top4office sell photocopiers (the real ones). So I remeber looking “Redmond, start your photocopiers” online to see what it was all about. We swear by apple for all graphic work but we tend to use windows on other stuff.


disapointing the new “tab” of ie 7.

it’s just what an extension of firefox (and shira web navigator for osx) are doing.

Dan Hamilton

Very good stuff… windows has always been behind the curve but thanks to vendor lock in that hasn’t really mattered much to them. “Make them need your stuff” has always been Bill’s motto.

Good clips.

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