New Logos, Old Irrelevance

Paul Kedrosky over on his blog is comparing the logo-shift currently under way. He compares the old-and-new logos of Intel, AT&T and Kodak and sums up the situation, “I’m generally of the view that this sort of thing is a total waste of time and money.”

After gazing at the old and new logos, two things scream out. The new logos are not necessarily an improvement over the old ones. Secondly, the logo-makeover cannot distract from the growing irrelevance of these companies. Kodak, the phone erstwhile photo giant, despite its fancy new WiFi digital cameras is slowly being usurped by camera phones, and logo-makeover cannot hide that.

Intel’s logo makeover cannot hide the fact that is a chip company. Do you know what’s inside your Plasma TV, your cell phone or your iPod? In the post-PC world, no one gives two hoots about the logo of a chip company, or the chip company itself. Does Broadcom brand itself? Broadcom what? In other words, Intel Leap Ahead, well that’s Intel trying to convince itself of its relevance. AT&T’s new logo? Its a bell company backing to being a bell company? Enough said!