Infill car PC at CES


I met with a representative of the Infill in-car PC at CES and he gave me a complete demo of his product. The Infill PC is a multi-component based PC with a touchscreen that puts a complete PC in a car, and rather easily due to the small size of the components. Full GPS navigation, DVD player, etc. Might be available in the US later this year.

The two components of the Infill PC can be installed separately. The screen slides out and is a touch screen.

Screen inside the unit.



Did they comment on price?

I’d rip out the stereos in every car I owned for one of these if it has Bluetooth and works with the OQO, Treo, Motorola HS850 headset, and the iPod BT adapter.

How big is it? It appears to be 2 DIN?

Did they comment on hook-ups?
My P-carand MB are both fiberoptic. Will it work in with a fiberoptic factory stereo or do I have to rip out the whole thing?

Thanks for the info.
CES kills me for tech lust. :P

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