Predictions for MacWorld San Francisco?


MacWorld San Francisco is upon us once again, and that means that Steve is going to be unveiling a slew of new products as part of the Keynote on Monday. Intel Macs are practically guaranteed, maybe an upgraded Shuffle and who knows what else? Anybody have any predictions that they want to share? Put them in the comments.



OK so we’re getting the Intel chip. But PLEASE tell me the new equipment will NOT have that crap “intel inside” logo stuck to it. I’d pay more to buy a new Mac without it.

Sam L

12″ screens are WAY too small, how anyone can stand that small of a screen size is beyond me.

Jason Terhorst

I wasn’t saying that they were guaranteed, merely that those are the talking points of all the rumors… And that some of those rumors may be based on fact… possibly.

Jason Terhorst

In other news, Yoda returns, under the alias “alcopop”….


Nothing guarateed, in this life is.

At least I’m hoping as much, since I’ve only JUST upgraded to iLife 05!

Radu Dutzan

Intel Macs are not guaranteed at all. Just because people have been over-predicting it, it doesn’t mean it’s granted that they’re gonna release them on Tuesday. The official word is still WWDC 06. What is guaranteed though, is iLife and iWork ’06, a new shuffle (or a replacement) and a new mini.

Jason Terhorst

Don’t count on PowerBooks being updated. This is a consumer-oriented show. The rumors are along the lines of an Intel Mac Mini, with more Frontrow/home theater-related items, including, but not limited to: V//V-based Mac Mini, iMac, and iBooks, and 42/50-inch displays for use in the living room. iPods will likely get a few things added, maybe a special dock or something. The Powerbook will likely get a VERY big bump at WWDC 2006 – with some very nice features. I, for one, hope that they concentrate on smaller, thinner, lighter, rather than the obsession that the PC world has with silly laptops that are bigger than your car, and basically un-luggable. The 12-inch does well, but needs more rez, more speed, and a smaller, lighter size (it’s still too heavy, IMHO).

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