New smartphones from CES


No doubt by now you have heard the announcements about several new smartphones that are soon to be available. Verizon is already selling the Windows Mobile based Treo 700w in their stores and Motorola is expected to release the Motorola Q thin smartphone very soon. Here are some photos I took of both phones:

Palm Treo 700w

Motorola Q


Hell no

Technology exists to have super all in ones like wi-fi, cameras etc. in all phones, but the carriers only carry one type or another and manufacturers are holding back on making all. Why do they do this, obviously to make us keep buying new phones every year, so with the consumer being ripped off from high carrier charges and having to keep buying the newest phone would that not indicate that consumers are powerless and stupid?



So you have a Treo 700W now?

I’m with the Darkside, Treo 650.

I think it will be a couple of iterations of WM5 to make it as simple as POS3.5, but WM5 is a great idea.

The Treo 650 is a great device and a first stop for any prospective-uPC/handtop owner.

Congrats! You need to write a review on it also.


Like the look of the Motorola Q – any idea when it will be out in the UK – given it’s out in the US in Q1 2006 ?


I just got a BenQ P50 last week (very similar to these if you’re familiar with the phone) and it’s pretty nice. Will have to see how the Treo 700w pans out to see if there’s a reason to switch to it.


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