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Industry Moves: Clickstar CEO Leaves; Ackerman Interim CEO

Clickstar, the much-hyped online movie service (a joint collaboration between Morgan Freeman’s company and Intel), has replaced its CEO even before the service has gone into commercial launch. Founding CEO Nizar Allibhoy tendered his resignation last week in order “to pursue other endeavors”, the company said.

The company has now appointed James Ackerman as the company’s interim CEO to lead the company through its commercial launch phase. Ackerman is the former CEo of OpenTV and prior to that was CEO of BSkyB.

This comes as Clickstar made some buzz this week with its launch on Intel’s Viiv and announcment of its first movie, “10 Items Or Less,” starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega. The film will debut on ClickStar within weeks of its national theatrical release.

Ok, that aside, someone tell me, what really happened here?

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