@ CES: 2006: Keynote: Terry Semel, Yahoo

Updated with video: : Made it into the Hilton auditorium just in time for Terry Semel’s keynote; no problem getting a seat but it’s a good crowd for 9 a.m. (The video stream/podcast/download is online now, here)

— “The next iteration is about ease of use and open platforms.”

— The Hollywood element just stepped on stage — Ellen DeGeneres is doing a riff on technology. She’s being offered as “the consumer.” Her job — setup the need for Yahoo Go, which Semel just announced.

— Yahoo Go has four characteristics: seamless, knows which device is being used, personalized and open platform. Save information in one device and it’s available across them all. “This is a world where the user is in charge.”
COO Dan Rosensweig and Marco Boerries, senior vice president, Connected Life, are walking the audience through each facet. Lots of details … movijng too fast to c atch them all now.

— More Hollywood —- Tom Cruise, tradcemark smile flashing, just hit the stage to show off his new MI:III trailer as part of the Yahoo Go TV. Semel is pulling out all the stops to highlight Yahoo’s media and entertainment connections. Now they’re re-running the trailer to show well it all works.

— Back to tech-land. Intel CEO Paul Otellini is on stage, explaing how Yahoo and Viiv will work together. He’s showing a concept handheld PC called “The Slide” — 5-inch screen, centrino chip. As you design for 10-foot, scasles down nicely to small screens. Semel: “Yahoo Go TV is optimized for higher performance on Intel’s Viiv PCs.”

— Semel: “Here’s what I hope you take away from today. Yahoo does not aspire to make gadgets … our aim is to work with you. This is our invitation to work together.”

The official release with all the details of Yahoo Go are out now:

Release 1 || Release 2 || Release 3

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