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Intel’s Plans With Content and Hollywood; Clickstar’s Windowless Release

There’s a lot of info crammed into this poorly-edited story, so read it carefully…this describes Intel’s efforts with its new Viiv technology and branding effort, and how it wants content to freely flow between devices, all preferably powered by Viiv. Backers envision a flood of on-demand news and sports shows, interactive advertising and entertainment software, combined with amateur, family-created content.

Tomorrow, CEO Paul Otellini will describe those eforts at CES, along with Morgan Freeman, the actor and co-founder of Revelations Entertainment. In one high-profile experiment, a company formed by Intel and Revelations called ClickStar is expected to announce plans to release a movie on the Internet at close to the time of its theater release, a break from the conventional pattern that delays online releases until after DVDs are sold.

Among other efforts on devie and DRM interoperability built into the Viiv standard, Intel has also started a testing and certification program to make sure Internet content has been adapted to work with a remote control and to look good from 10 feet away, a typical TV viewing distance.

More tomorrow after the speech…