Conan O’Brien and the video iPod


Conan O’Brien just did a bit on tonight’s show about wanting a video iPod, and named it “Hey Apple, give me a free video iPod!”. He did a number of funny things sort of related to it.

One of the bandmembers did a bit called “iHead” – his bald head was green-screened, and he showed a clip from Cujo on it. Another bandmember – “La Bamba” – showed why you shouldn’t watch “Law and Order” while driving.

I’m surprised that Conan didn’t mention how scratched up the one he was holding was. It was very noticable in the light.

If anyone has a good link to the clip (it just aired a moment ago), please post the link in the comments. It’s very funny, and worth a look. A point of note: Microsoft and NBC are joint partners in various media and Conan “hosted” Bill Gates’ keynote a year ago, so it’s funny that Conan wasn’t against the iPod.


Casey Korby

I live within sight of Duluth, MN (superior WI). I just suffered through the warmest January on record, and Conan is my only respite some nights. Later this week a cold snap will bring me back to the cold hard truth. My extensive and diverse music collection is the only thing besides my thick Finnish blood that protects me from the bone chilling cold, and I lack good recent music since absolute crap reigns supreme.

QUESTION: Cone dog had a musical guest either early last week (Tues Feb. 7) or the week before. They had a couple of female lead singers and a total orgy of guitar players and backup singers (brass also I think).

WHO WERE THEY? I couldn’t understand Conan when he thanked them at the end. I have searched the internet and I’m at a loss. Just email me the name please, or tell me where I might find it.

Helsinki or Bust,
Casey “The Barbarian” Korby

Les Posen

No, it’ll be 1.99 like the others are now, except for the special @9.99.

I wouldn’t pay for it either.

All the other NBC shows are also 1.99


Les Posen:

Yeah, and that 2 minutes skit will be available for a low low price of $9.99!

NBC really has a bad pricing structure on the iTMS. Look at the new ABC content, still all at $1.99.


Conan hosted that Gates thing because he got paid to do so. I doubt he is pro/anti anything related to Windows or Mac. Just an FYI, MS and NBC are splitting up on the MSNBC, though they will remain together for the web. I wonder if they will change the name from MSNBC to something else.

Jason Terhorst

I just realized something… Jobs sometimes shows other media clips that parody Apple during his keynotes…. maybe he’ll like this one… or the SNL bit a while back. Maybe we’ll see one of these during the keynote. That would be very cool.

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