CES: Does Sony Have The Chops? Connect’s The Glue, It Expects

Everyone’s eagerly watching Sony this year at CES: does it still have the chops in face of fierce competition? Also, can its various divisions really work together? Also, as the story says, Sony must also show it can finally compete in a market that should be a natural for it: digital content distribution.

Sony will upgrade its music service Connect into a robust digital distribution platform that includes not just music, but also movies and games. Rather than becoming yet another digital media service for PCs, Sony is designing Connect to work best with the PSP and PlayStation 3.

News.com I: The PSP will also get the ability to play live TV, using software that allows a viewer to connect to a home TV using Wi-Fi.

VNUnet: At Sony CEO Howard Stringer’s speech today, Sony lined up both newly launched products such as the new Sony Reader, a portable e-book reader and author Dan Brown of the Da Vinci Code. Sony will sell eBooks through its Connect download service…

FT: He defended fiercely Sony’s ownership of both content and the technology used to capture, store and distribute it. “No other content company has such a complete understanding of technology and no other technology company has Sony’s insight into content,” he said. Ha, ha…

Full cverage of Stringer’s speech from Engadget, here