AT&T aka SBC Rolls Out IPTV in San Antonio

The Wall Street Journal reports that company formerly known as SBC has started to offer IPTV service in San Antonio, Texas. “The company began marketing the service yesterday to several hundred consumers in its corporate hometown through direct mail,” the Journal says.

The service is kicking off with 200 channels, and apparently is based on Microsoft system. It is very much like traditional cable service, but will eventually support 1000s of channels, and do HDTV and other stuff like PVRS, stuff what cable providers already do. (Okay maybe not those 1000s of channels!) Anyway folks, if you are in San Antonio, and will be signing up for the service, please be kind enough to drop me a note on your experience, and how it really works.

Update: John Hodulik of UBS in a note this morning points out that, “We do not expect, AT&T to offer HD over its IPTV platform until 2007 due to bandwidth and compression limitations. We believe that questions remain over the scalability of the IPTV platform and currently expect AT&T to end 2006 with roughly 95K video subscribers, which represents 1% of expected fiber qualified homes.”

PS: Despite my skepticism, I would like to do a hat tip to SBC for getting this out of the door.


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