Nokia Falling Behind In Mobile Interface Usability


This is an interesting article about the usability of mobile interfaces — whereas Nokia used to be the easiest to use and Motorola was roundly criticized for its interface the situation seems to have reversed…
In a study of the download process on a range of different handsets and US networks the two Nokia phones (using the Series 60 interface) ranked as the worst and third worst performers in terms of the time taken to find, download and install content. “Users with the worst performing Nokia device took an average of 436 seconds to complete a download operation, some 159 seconds (nearly 3 minutes) more than the overall average across the 10 handsets in the study.”
An M:Metrics study has revealed similar results…”The 6010 ranked 9th with 15.4 percent of owners accessing content services, while Motorola’s top-ranking model (the RAZR V3 – 2nd overall) recorded a 47.7 percent ‘conversion rate’.”
It seems that Nokia is going to have to pull its socks up — even if it does consider the low-end phones to be the growth market it needs to improve its interface to not discourage people from downloading and using mobile content…otherwise it just won’t stay on top.

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