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Motorola’s iRadio Promotes Sales

Rafat has already posted about this but something which jumped out at me that he didn’t cover was the move to integrate it with carrier’s mobile music stores. “Carriers can now introduce subscribers to new music played from the handset, and drive them to their wireless music store for over-the-air acquisition of the tune they just heard. For example, listeners can hear a song on their car stereo, and simply press a key to purchase and download the track over-the-air.”
This is a fairly obvious thing to do, but these services don’t always do the obvious thing…Another obvious feature is the ability to ‘bookmark’ songs by pressing a button so that listeners can easily remember a song they liked later. “Artist, album and song information along with offers to purchase downloads, CDs or even concert tickets will appear on the iRadio ‘Wish List’ viewed on the computer.” Listeners will be able to choose where to buy the song at that point, which is good for them.
Finally, Motorola is pitching this as a promotional tool for labels and artists, who can set up a station for people to listen to their music which will then hopefully lead to purchases. A few podcasts may also make their way to the service.
I still think there is a lot of innovation still to come in mobile music (and mobile content in general) but this is a good place to start.