London prepares for Citywide WiFi


The Cloud, a UK-based company that operates wifi hotspots is planning to build city wide WiFi clouds in London, Manchester and seven other cities. The network, is supposed to reach a total of 4 million people, and would also compete with incumbent phone and mobile carriers. The Cloud has stuck up partnerships with the likes of Skype and Nintendo for its WiFi network. I wonder if the Europeans once again have cracked the municipal wireless code: private enterprise upstarts with lower cost structure fighting it out with deep pocketed incumbents!



Absolute terror. I have terrible pains and swellings caused by the radiation. I have no doubt that many people will suffer sooner or later. The only solution is: wired first.

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Bring it on. The more WiFi spots the better. The internet is such a great thing, eventually there will be no wires and just imagine the possibilites of that.

Ben Metcalfe

Actually, I don’t belive there will be total coverage in London… Just a few of the boroughs (districts), mainly the more afluent ones too.

One borough, Westminster, already have near-total wifi cover for use by the council (parking attendents, community officers, etc can access the local authority intranet, etc).

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