Emerging Video Trends… Podcast

Yesterday, I had posted my thoughts on why 2006 is the year when there is going to be a lot of action in the video space. You Tube, vSocial, and scores of other companies have popped up. Some didn’t agree with me, and offered good counter arguments. Clearly, video is the big theme at the CES. Niall and I got together earlier in the week and recorded our latest podcast: Emerging video trends (Download). It is around 21 minutes in length.

Among the topics we covered: new ways for amateurs to create and share videos online using iMovie and using specialized portable hardware such as the iPod video; the current state of video search; Flash and its role in the video revolution; Brightcove and Google Video as hosting and entertainment providers; how video can change education and worldwide learning and the role of video podcasts in the political process. And much more….so how about listening to the podcast! (In iTunes or subscribe to our feed!)


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