Vonage buying from Sonus

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Sonus Networks is expected to announce a deal with Vonage which confirms what has been informally known in VoIP circles for nearly a year: Vonage is buying Sonus’s gear including PSX Call Routing Server, SGX Signaling Gateway, and the Sonus Insight Management System. The gear has been deployed in New York and Los Angeles, and will be used in other markets. The companies have never gotten around to announcing their previous partnership, but since its CES and time to issue press releases, the expansion news will most likely hit the wires later this week. What that essentially means is that Vonage is scaling for growth, and perhaps has decided that it has outgrown its home grown offerings.

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I thought Vonage recently (within the last year) installed Cisco MGX gateway and PSTN network interface platforms. Did they do this? And not go with the Cisco SS7/softswitch interfaces as well?

Does this Sonus softswitch platform drive their Cisco gateways? Or is this entire view wrong?

Do you have a map of their:
– Registrar Platform
– Feature/Application Server
– Routing/LCR Platform (hello RTI)
– softswitch
– signaling platform
– signaling SS7 provider (SNET? Verisign? Other)
– media gateways
– voice mail application
– media server
– web platforms

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