Pearls of Wisdom From Open Access Business 2.0


Folks, here is the good news…. all Business 2.0 archives and new articles are wide open, no subscription necessary! You said…. “bring down those walls….” and we did. Not just Business 2.0, but also Fortune and Money. But its B2 which you want to read …. right! Its a digital perestroika over here at the magazine. Hopefully you will not only enjoy the articles online, but will also be kind enough to subscribe to it. (Just click on the little photo in the GigaAds section!) The bad news: all links to my articles are kinda wonky, and will need time to fix.

To get a sampling on what’s on the offer in the magazine, here are some golden rules:

  • Warren Buffet: “When you get out of bed in the morning and think about what you want to do that day, ask yourself whether you’d like others to read about it on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper.”
  • John Chambers, Cisco Systems: My golden rule is to focus almost fanatically on customer success.
  • Mark Cuban: Treat your customers like they own you, because they do.
  • Carl Icahn: Don’t confuse luck with skill when judging others, and especially when judging yourself.
  • Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm: Conventional wisdom is always wrong.
  • Michael Lewis, Mr. Money Ball: There’s something bad in everything good and something good in everything bad.

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I would love to subscribe Business 2.0 but I haven’t found a link where I could subscribe it to Europe. Seems surprisingly many magazines, and reporters, think that world, or atleast all the readers equals USA.

Jesse Kopelman

But, the people have spoken. Just buy the thing and delegate.

Om Malik

jesse… i just wanna report … running things, doing LBOs, those are for smart people. i am happy being a cog in the wheel

Om Malik is resolving to the new address because that’s the new unified site, and we have been part of time warner forever it seems now. nearly four years when TW bought business2 and renamed their ecompany now magazine. this is brand new product since, complete makeover.

Jesse Kopelman

It seems clear that your readers want you to do a leveraged buyout of Business 2.0 like Perry White did the Daily Planet in Superman 3(?). Time to put your hypothetical blog valuation to use?


does anyone find it funny that spitzers is:

“Never write when you can talk. Never talk when you can nod. And never put anything in an e-mail.”

is he telling us HOW to cheat?


Great news. Looking forward to seeing the archive come up in Google searches. Now if only the NY Times would follow your lead…


This is great news. I am sure Business 20 will become a destination of choice for enthusiasts of emerging technology and business innovation. Now if only they could make the site as easy to navigate as gigaom, it would be a huge plus.


Thank You. Now B2.0/Fortune/Money can finally compete with FastCompany/Forbes/Marketwatch for audience. I knew that TW’s decision a couple years ago to close off their publications to only subscribers and AOLers would not last.

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