Mobile TV Is Cool — But Will People Pay For It?

Another personal survey from Jupiter Research blogger Julie Ask, this one about streaming TV (using the Sprint service). The reaction of her friends and relatives in Small Town USA?

“Wow!!!! That’s the most amazing thing ever.” And then I got my phone back an hour later after my relatives/friends had passed the phone around. It was the first time they had ever seen it. I had to confirm about 10 times that indeed it was streaming.

That’s great, but when her brother-in-law bought some phones he chose the free ones rather than the video-capable ones, and went with Sprint because of the coverage.
I think Julie summed it up: “It’s amazing technology, but getting people to pay will prove difficult.”
Aside from providing the service for free and making money on the ads the best way to attract customers to mobile TV is to offer something besides regular TV programming. Still, the services will launch this year, mostly rebroadcasting existing programming, so we’ll soon see how they go. (via TechDirt)
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