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Bathsheba Malsheen In A Groove

Bathsheba Malsheen is the president and CEO of Groove Mobile, which powers the back-end of many carrier mobile music offerings… she is currently in the process of raising $10 million in series B funding.
The most interesting part of this interview is what Groove Mobile plans to do in the future…”What you’re going to see in the next 12 to 18 months are new applications that aren’t just taking digital music and moving it to the phone for convenience…but, rather, new types of applications that have never been seen in music before.” I think that’s what everyone is waiting for — something that hasn’t or can’t be done in another medium. That’s the only way to justify a high price tag for mobile music.
Groove Mobile is keen to sign up as many carriers as possible before its competitors get into the market, and is also looking at targeting artists and record labels for their own mobile sites. 2006 will also see Groove Mobile enter music video, and the company is developing personalized radio and specialized subscription services.
Groove Mobile used to be called Chaoticom (so named because the company was based on an audito compression algorithm stemming from chaos theory)… “As we got more and more entrenched in mobile music and got more distribution in Europe, it became clear we needed to focus on an end-to-end mobile music service and not just the technology,” Malsheen said of the name change.